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Thermotherapy / Cryotherapy

 SARL Argile Bien-Être specialises in the manufacture of clay-based products for well-being.

We manufacture Mikrohot clay compresses, a pioneering product in this field for over a decade.

The quality, strength and effectiveness of our compresses have made them the product of choice among health professionals in physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals.
They are used for their ability to relieve the pain of multiple pathologies as well as in the field of sports preparation and recovery.

Our thermal clay compresses and hot water bottles with heating or cooling effect are reusable and have a unique visual temperature control indicator. If the temperature is too high, a thermochromic indicator changes colour and a warning logo appears.
Visual indicator
Sustainable and local, the production has been thought out in order to integrate its responsibility in social, environmental and economic concerns. We do everything we can to reduce the carbon footprint of our products as much as possible.

The choice of using the best quality clay as a heat or cold storage material was carefully considered in view of all its qualities and its natural origin.

Previously available only to professionals, our products are now accessible to the general public.